The KZN Ebandla campaign is a well-devised, well-organised and sustainable marketing campaign to promote our Province as a place of choice in which to work and live. Based on the concept of the Homecoming Revolution and launched nationally and internationally, the KZN Provincial Government and eThekwini Municipality has teamed up with the African Renaissance movement on the KZN Successful Alumni/Ebandla Campaign, to engage with KZN alumni currently living beyond our provincial borders as well as abroad.

Since inception, a number of planned reunion dinners have been held in various centres, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, London, New York, Dubai and Sydney Australia and London.  Some 300 business men and women and people in positions of influence, formerly from KZN were hosted at each event. Initially, a handful of successful alumni, were approached to assist in gathering the names of other individuals based in the relevant centres. A snowball approach was adopted and resulted in the development of a significant database in excess of 2500 prominent names, all of whom received invitations to attend the reunion dinners staged in their adopted regions and countries.