Dube Tradeport

Dube TradePort is a key priority Infrastructural Development Project for the Province of KwaZulu-Natal. This status carries with it responsibility for the development of an Integrated Aerotropolis Strategy, the development of a provincially-driven airlift strategy and the implementation of the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Growth and Development Strategy.

Dube TradePort has grown to a size of 2840 hectares and has successfully managed to attract over R 900 million in private investment. In the process its impact on job creation has been estimated to create      16 527 new job opportunities across the country and this will increase with new development opportunities.

“Dube TradePort is Africa’s first purpose-built Aerotropolis and has central to it an international airport. This freight-orientated Aerotropolis coupled with IDZ designation will certainly quicken the pace of development at Dube TradePort and, I would confidently add, increase demand for greater levels of airlift out of Durban to domestic, regional and international markets”, commented Dr Zanele Bridgette Gasa, Chairperson of the Board of Dube TradePort Corporation.

The Dube TradePort IDZ is located within a strong economic region, close to major complementary transport and freight links and boasts world-class infrastructure. As a secure, purpose-planned airport city and master-planned business environment, infrastructure has been designed in line with freight-orientation and cargo and is supported by the state-of-the-art, King Shaka International Airport.

IDZ status is incredibly prestigious, as it carries with it a range of benefits for enterprises. DTP IDZ benefits – which include both fiscal and customs incentives – are specifically geared, at this stage, for agri-processing and manufacturing enterprises located within Dube TradeZone and Dube AgriZone. This represents the first phase of Dube TradePort Corporation’s roll-out and will cover some 300 hectares of agri- processing and industrial activities, growing to more than 700 hectares into the future

The Dube TradePort Industrial Development Zone will have a set of priority sectors that will comprise the core of its clustering approach, through which it will drive growth. These sectors include:

1. Aerospace and aviation-linked manufacturing and related services

2. Agriculture and agro-processing, inclusive of horticulture, aquaculture and floriculture
3. Electronics manufacturing and assembly
4. Medical and pharmaceutical production and distribution
5. Clothing and textiles

Such targeting is not limited exclusively to the identified priority sectors and supplementary sectors include:

1. Freight-forwarding and aviation services
2. Warehousing and storage
3. Logistics and distribution
4. Light manufacturing and assembly
5. High-tech and automotive industries
6. General manufacturing
7. Renewable energy
8. Aquaculture and cold storage