Finningley offers a unique opportunity to partner with the estate landowners of over a hundred years, in developing their heritage, by creating a ground-breaking, self-sustaining 'city in the sun' on the beautiful south coast of KwaZulu-Natal. Cutting-edge innovation and sustainable green technology will be implemented from inception. The development spans an area of 2640 hectares.  The project includes:

  • ·         Infrastructure - building strong & green for the future.
  • ·         Industrial and commercial - bringing international expertise and technologies and providing sustainable job opportunities.
  • ·         Residential - innovative urban architecture.
  • ·         Leisure - world-class resorts.
  • ·         Education - universities, research facilities, schools.
  • ·         Aerodrome - including a road safety centre, motocross-track, off-road driving/test track and drifting area.